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Learn by Doing

You truly learn when you tackle real-world problems by yourself. engage in a variety of projects, write fully functional applications and build your professional GitHub portfolio. Try our hands-on challenges to practice . We've designed everything, so you can focus on coding and watch your skills improve!

Gain Experience

Get access to professional development tools, giving you a chance to get to know professional software while you learn.

The one-stop Track for passionate learners

Immerse yourself in development at RENOLAB. Our students acquire skills highly sought by employers through placements on diverse teams during the program. Gain a comprehensive development experience across various technologies to cultivate excellence in your craft and uncover your true passion. Build confidence and skills by collaborating with individuals from different business sectors and disciplines, contributing to the creation of realistic projects.

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RenoLab Instructors


This is the course we wish existed when we were learning Front-End, and we’re excited for you to experience it.
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Team Training Needs Analysis

Avoid Unrealistic Budgets and Timelines for Team Training; Prioritize Value Over Cost and Identify Gaps to Get Your Training Strategy on the Right Path. Master  Team Training Needs Analysis in Simple Steps: Define Goals, Bridge Gaps, and Optimize Training Impact!

Elevate Your Team's Expertise with our Fast Tracks

RENOLAB Fast Track is tailored to boost your team's skills according to your technical needs and technology stack. designed especially for software professionals and Enterprise firms !

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